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How about reading Calvin's Institutes in 2019?

A reading plan produced by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

To A Snowflake

A poem by Francis Thompson


Advent Bible Reading

Here's a suggested Bible reading scheme taken from the book, "The First Days of Jesus"


A dear, familiar friend

Two quotations from our recent weekend away


I have a dream - or do I?

A little look at Joel 2, Acts 2 and me and you

sprint running

Once saved always saved?

A short review of the "warnings as means" view of Biblical warnings and admonitions


How to stay a healthy church

some feedback from the Plant! course


Does God have a body?

A good question...


A prayer for a healthy Church

Lessons from our recent series in 1 Thessalonians turned to prayer

CE Square Thumb
Who is Jesus?

Seeking to let God's Word speak and shape

Emmanuel Church Bath

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