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How about reading Calvin's Institutes in 2019?


A reading plan for 2019

Monday 31 December 2018 by Ad Taylor-Weekes


Around this time of year (usually earlier than this!) I provide some suggestions for reading the Bible in a year. You can read my blog post from 2013 if you want some ideas.

The Bible, of course, is the single most important thing we can be planning to read in 2019. However, this year I thought I'd share something that I came across recently and that I'm planning to do alongside this - reading Calvin's Institutes in a year. The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals have produced a reading plan for 2019 that you can access for free here.



To answer that question here's what the Alliance says: "Few have explained the Christian faith as clearly, vividly, and faithfully as John Calvin in his Institutes of the Christian Religion. For centuries people have turned to the Institutes in order to better understand God's Word and its implications for the Christian life."



So, perhaps you're not keen to spend money on getting a copy. Good news! You can access it online or downnload it for free here.



I like the reading plan because it begins 7th January, ends 20th December, gives you some days off in between and only includes weekdays. This all means that it's do-able i.e. you can miss one when you have, "one of those days," and there are catch-up days. Unlike other reading plans, then, you may not end up spending most of the year trying to catch up (or not!)


Excited? I am! Why not join me in giving it a go!

Happy New Year!

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Ad Taylor-Weekes

Ad Taylor-Weekes

Ad works most-time for Emmanuel Bath as the Pastor. The rest of the time he is a music leader and a guitar teacher both privately and in a school in Wiltshire. He's husband to Jane and father to four lively children. He grew up in Bath and studied at the Cornhill Training Course from 2003-2005.

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