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A dear, familiar friend

Two quotations from our recent weekend away


I have a dream - or do I?

A little look at Joel 2, Acts 2 and me and you

sprint running

Once saved always saved?

A short review of the "warnings as means" view of Biblical warnings and admonitions


How to stay a healthy church

some feedback from the Plant! course


Becoming a compelling community (II)

Part II of lessons we can learn from the book The Compelling Community by Mark Dever and Jamie Dunlop


Becoming a compelling community (I)

A summary of lessons learnt from the book, "The Compelling Community" by Mark Dever and Jamie Dunlop


Does God have a body?

A good question...


Why not ditch the Bible this week?

A review of the book, "Reverberation", by Jonathan Leeman


Beyond the Ballot Box

Some practical implications from "Living in God's Two Kingdoms"


What should we expect from politics?

Some reflections on David Van Drunen's book "Living in God's Two Kingdoms" and how to view, and engage with, the state

Seeking to let God's Word speak and shape

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